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Night Bunnies and Pool Ducks (TM) - Pending Review
Night Bunnies and Pool Ducks (TM)
I usually take my daily walks in the afternoon so I can get some sun, but the last coupla times have been at night.

I have noticed LOTS of bunnies out, way more than in the daytime. On my 40-minute walk tonight, I saw one bunny hopping across the path, two bunnies leaping and frolicking together, and two bunnies standing still so I wouldn't see them (I assured them I wasn't a predator, but I don't think they believed me). Also I saw several more indistinct moving small animals that may have been bunnies.

I didn't think wabbits were nocturnal creatures. I wonder if the artificial light from homes and streetlights makes them think it's perpetual daytime. I wonder if their sleep schedules are as messed up as mine.

I also saw some ducks floating on the kiddie pool at the community center (it's not open yet, so I think they were in rainwater rather than chlorinated water). Again, I thought ducks were diurnal critters. They were annoyed when I came up to admire them, but couldn't be bothered to fly away -- they got out of the pool and quacked at me for disturbing their bath until I moved away.

Most of these creatures seem to be very hearty and almost indifferent when humans cross their path. Maybe when humans finally blow each other up, what will remain is not cockroaches, but rather bunnies and ducks.
I don't mind that idea one bit, it would be a much better world.
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thetalkingmoose From: thetalkingmoose Date: April 7th, 2006 02:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
Unless they're the rabbits from a Monty Python movie... then it'd be pretty ugly.

(Sorry, it's just where my poor befuddled brain goes when I start thinking about bunnies.)
thetalkingmoose From: thetalkingmoose Date: April 14th, 2006 01:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
I just read the following, which made me think of your post:


Just imagine if 3-foot long rabbits roamed the American landscape. :-)
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