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Did Ron Paul pass fifth grade English? - Pending Review
Did Ron Paul pass fifth grade English?
In my mailbox when I arrived home this evening was a letter from Ron Paul endorsing Roscoe Bartlett for US Congress. Congressman Paul's letter is so rife with misspellings and grammatical errors that it appears to have been written by a child--and not a particularly bright child at that.

The cringe-inducing clunkers on display include:
  • "No other Congressman co-sponsors more of my bills then Roscoe." I believe they teach the difference between "then" and "than" in grade school!
  • "He is one of two Congressman with the courage..." Again, I believe they teach singular vs. plural forms in grade school. And what is with the continued capitalization of "Congressman" when it does not precede a name?
  • "Roscoe Bartlett voted with me twice against the Bailout twice." Just because he voted with you twice doesn't mean you need to use the word "twice" twice, Ron! And again, what's with the capitalization of a regular noun (Bailout)?
This letter appears to have been addressed to Independents like me in the hopes that we would make up our wishy-washy little minds about whom to vote for. It certainly did the trick in my case. I've had it up to here [Cynthia stands on her tippy-toes and stretches her hand skyward as far as she can] with our society's determination to embody the movie Idiocracy, and I won't be voting for a candidate who proudly associates himself with someone who couldn't pass a fifth grade English exam.

I'm sure some people will think I should not hold Congressman Bartlett accountable for the Paul campaign's mistakes. But in the same envelope as Paul's missive was a letter from Bartlett himself urging his constituents to read the endorsement letter. Bartlett and his staff either chose not to vet Paul's letter, which shows a lack of attention to detail that is no doubt also reflected in Bartlett's work as a congressman; or they didn't notice any mistakes, which shows that they should be clawed to death by a troupe of angry wombats.

I think I'll vote instead for the candidate whose web site accurately describes her as an aspiring congresswoman, not "an asspiring Congresswomen".

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