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Ok, then I want "a day without wetbacks" - Pending Review
Ok, then I want "a day without wetbacks"
Dear wetbacks et al:

I cannot BELIEVE you have the nerve to complain that you are being unfairly treated.

I and other American citizens are the ones who are being unfairly treated. We are forced to fund services such as medical care and schooling through our tax dollars, while you take money under the table which you pay no taxes on, and funnel much of that money back to May-hee-co. We are forced to play pantomimes with you at parking garages and restaurants, and to print documents in foreign languages, because you can't be bothered to learn English. Some of us are forced to accept low salaries because you drive wages down with your cheap (and I do mean that in both senses of the word), expendable labor. And now we must look at your whiny, entitlement-seeking mugs on the news.

Many of you were waving flags of your countries of origin at the rallies yesterday. I think that really says it all. You don't consider America your home. You remain loyal to the countries from which you came. You aren't here to participate, you are here to exploit -- to get whatever benefit you can while giving as little as possible in return.

Those of my ancestors who were non-native immigrated to America because they wanted to BECOME AMERICANS. They learned the language, they worked hard, they integrated into American communities, and they APPRECIATED the opportunity. The American flag WAS their flag. They got respect because they EARNED respect, not because they stuck their hand out in a "gimme" gesture and whined.

For the most part, illegal immigrants are those who simply cannot cut it in their home countries. You are the dregs of your societies. You foster racism by creating a negative impression of the intelligence and resourcefulness of people from other nations.

A local paper ran stories about illegal immigrants in our community. Any other CRIMINAL who had the audacity to appear in a newspaper article, complete with photograph, place of work, and full name, would be ARRESTED. But our government does not bother enforcing immigration laws, perhaps because the gummint is not in fact the will and voice of the people, but a tool of big business.

As reprehensible as I think your actions have been, perhaps something good came out of your boycott. After all, many of the roads were less congested yesterday. American children got to learn in smaller, more well-behaved classes. And perhaps Americans who have been too busy or distracted to notice the deleterious effects of you illegal immigrants will finally pay attention. Perhaps they will join or support the Minutemen. Perhaps they will ensure that their representatives pass legislation that protects American citizens' interests.

Yes, I think we have to call it a success. In fact, I think you should continue "boycotting". Indefinitely. Show us exactly what our communities would look like, long-term, with no illegals. Safer, more prosperous, less congested, more cohesive... yeah, that'll really teach us.

a pissed-off gringo
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thetalkingmoose From: thetalkingmoose Date: May 2nd, 2006 02:33 pm (UTC) (Link)

Easy Solution

It's time to make the businesses that hire illegals pay the price. Make the fines for getting caught employing illegal aliens so high that no reputable business would think of hiring them. Once that happens, there's no economic incentive for these people to stream into the US.

Sadly, all our politicians are either in the thralls of big agricultural business (which relies heavily on such labor) or is in fear of pissing off the entire hispanic community. Ergo, no chance in hell that this sensible solution might get a tryout.
ideaful From: ideaful Date: May 2nd, 2006 05:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Easy Solution

I totally agree that companies (and individuals) who hire illegal immigrants should be heavily punished -- and I wouldn't stop at a fine. I'd take all the jail space currently being occupied by drug users who haven't been convicted of any other crime, and instead lock up those who hire illegals.

Encouragingly, there is a movement of LEGAL hispanic residents of the U.S. don't agree with the boycott/rallies (can't remember the name at the moment). There are law-abiding, taxpaying, contributing members of society of all ethnic backgrounds, who took the time and effort to gain legal entry to the U.S., and who are resentful of those who expect to have their illegal status magically waved away. Politicians should take a look at what actual VOTERS believe about this issue.

I'm rapidly becoming a single-issue voter.
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